Autumn/winter: a covid to-do list

This is my favourite time of the year. I love the late, dark nights wrapped in sweaters and scarves, sipping Baileys with my friends and wandering around the shops looking for Christmas gifts and decorations.

Sadly, this year isn’t going to quite be that, and I’m trying hard to remind myself that I also love being outside on cool crisp afternoons, cuddling up under a blanket and watching Christmas movies. In light of current circumstances, I think it’s a good idea to make a list of things that are still possible to do to enjoy the season.

So, without further ado, here is an uncomprehensive list of things I’m aiming to do before winter properly takes hold…

  1. Crisp autumn walks

I grew to love walking in the summer, in part because it’s one of the only activities left open to us in the covid times, but also because it’s good for my mental health. As the days get shorter and cooler, I’m going to get out and enjoy some brisk walks and lovely autumnal nature.

2. Decorate the house

For Halloween, for Christmas, for other holidays I’ve yet to invent… I’m looking for any excuse at the minute to make my house as warm, cosy and welcoming as possible, since I’m going to be spending a damn huge amount of time there. I’ve even taken up sewing and I’m making my own Halloween decorations. I’m planning on draping the house in fairy lights.

3. Cook some new stuff

I’m planning on going vegan in the new year, so this is a perfect time to practice my culinary skills before then. The cooler weather calls for heavy, carb-heavy meals and I am all about those.

4. Video games

Well, obviously.

5. Work through the Netflix to-watch list

Does anyone else have this problem? In the modern world, where I have a frankly ridiculous amount of streaming services, I actually can’t keep up with how much there is to watch. I am constantly ‘adding things to the list’ when people recommend things, but in reality, there isn’t really a list, just my dawning sense of panic at the thought of loading up Netflix.